Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

In children, signs of ADHD often demonstrate through short attention span for age, difficulty listening to others, impulsive behavior, and hyperactivity. ADHD affects a child’s ability to pay attention in school, it affects the relationships with both family and other kids, and their behaviors are often disruptive to others. ADHD is often diagnosed in children and can last until adulthood.

Most adults with ADHD find it difficult to focus and demonstrate impulsive behavior, impatience, mood swings, outbursts of anger, unstable relationships, and much more.

ADHD is not a minor inconvenience to ignore. We can’t dismiss them as simple immaturity that those diagnosed will grow out of. If left untreated or insufficiently treated, long terms effects can lead to an unhealthy life.

ADHD Diagnosis

ADHD is not easy to diagnose. No single test can confirm the presence of ADHD. There are several mental health symptoms similar to ADHD. ADHD is diagnosed through:

  • Asking questions

  • Physical exam

  • Psychological tests 

  • Brain scans

ADHD Treatment & Brain Training

Treatment in children should involve parents, teachers, and everyone connected to the child, behavioral therapy, and medication. Treatment in adults often includes psychotherapy and medication. 

Brain Training is a non-invasive support method that promotes healthy brain functioning. It has proven to be an effective method for supporting clients who are dealing symptoms related to ADHD. The goal of Brain Training is to improve the ability of the brain to ‘switch on’ and focus for longer periods of time. 

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